iPhone App for Custom Scheduling - Features such as repeating second week of the month.  Uses your Default Calendar.      

Examples of Uses for the CalendarUp iPhone App                                                                BUY - $1.99 or Rate

I added my daughter's entire volleyball schedule by selecting all of the days on a calendar grid and hitting one button.  I then used the replace feature to add the location as "home" for all of the home games.

At the hair stylist, I needed to make an appointment 6 weeks from now - it was easy with CalendarUp!

At work, I pay for coffee every 10 weeks.  I added a repeating event for every 10 weeks, now I won't forget.

I am a teacher and was able to enter all of my exam days at once.

I'm going on vacation, so I deleted all of my work meetings by selecting them and hitting the trash can.  I don't want to see them while I'm away having fun!

I have book club on the 2nd Fridays of each month and I was able to add that as one repeating event.

I like to use the View/Search/Replace screen to see my upcoming schedule.

I couldn't remember when my next dentist appointment was, so I searched on dentist and found it immediately.

I misspelled a location on a repeating event, so I did a quick search and replace to fix just the part of the word that was misspelled.

I sent my daughter's whole volleyball schedule to my husband and daughter.  They each opened CalendarUp from their email, saw the events, hit select all, and saved them directly to their calendars.

I added two alerts to my hair dresser appointment since I tend to forget it - one the day before the appointment and one a half hour before.

I updated the locations for my book club by editing individual events.