iPhone App for Custom Scheduling - Features such as repeating second week of the month.  Uses your Default Calendar.      

Makes Scheduling Easy!

Use CalendarUp to easily add events to your calendar.  You can also view your events, search, delete or replace multiple events at once. Need to schedule an appointment in 6 weeks?  CalendarUp tells you the day, shows you your calendar, and allows you to add an event.  CalendarUp works with your current calendar to add features and it syncs with your calendar - it's not intended to replace your calendar.

BUY or Rate   $1.99 on the App Store

CalendarUp Free now available - Lite version of Calendar Upgrade

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Custom Repeating Events

CalendarUp 2.0 Now available

Now called: Calendar Upgrade - Makes Scheduling Easy

New Features (Check out the videos):

Starts in the View Screen so you can instantly see your upcoming events

View and edit the details of individual events

Add custom alerts (up to 2 alerts for iPhone calendar users) (not in Free version)

Email events to other CalendarUp users.  They can select and add them  directly to their calendar! (not in Free version)

Email or Facebook event information

Select Calendars to display (e.g. Work, Home, US Holidays)

Select Calendars when adding or editing events

Future Plans:  

CalendarUp! for iPad

Daily Notifications with your schedule for the day

Approximate Times

More ... (and we are open to suggestions)